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About Japan

The population of Japan is 126 million. Compared to the size of land, there is a large number of people. Much of the population is concentrated in the cities. The population of the capital city Tokyo is 14 million with many people living in a small confined area. Japan is well known to the world for its advanced technology and they are an affluent people but many live a work-centered life not knowing what the true meaning and purpose of life is. Many people live lives swamped with work.   



The Christian population in Japan is 0.5%. Japan is the second-largest unreached people group in the world. Even if someone says I am a Christian at school or at the workplace, many people would not have a clue of what Christians believe nor have an idea of what is written in the Bible. There are many people who say they have never even seen a church. Many of the non-Christians we met in Japan have said that we were the first Christians they had ever met in their life.

 There are people who have graduated from Christian based kindergartens and schools and have come in contact with the Bible but still even to them,  many say they are Buddhist or believe in Shintoism but most of the time they only seek the gods’ protection and blessing when there are special events in life.

Japanese society places great importance on acting as a group and following the rules of the group to which it belongs(school, company, etc.) They are good at working together to achieve goals but individuality is not always respected. Many people are tired and stressed for not being able to be who they really are.


In order for Japanese people to come to know their Creator God and for them to know the meaning and purpose of their lives joyfully living in communion with God, many prayers and many more workers are needed. 


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