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Ministy & vision

Our ministry vision is to see Japanese youth come to faith and become joyful worshippers of God.

From even before we were married, both of us had been involved in high school student ministry and university student ministry. It is still on our hearts even now as a couple to share the good news of Jesus to the youth in Japan. It is also on our hearts to create a space where non-Christian students and Christian students can gather to find encouragement.

From 2018 to 2020, Aaron was serving on a university student outreach team in Sendai. He visited university campuses and met students through joining an international exchange student group. He then invited the students he became friends with to the twice a month dinner and Bible study organized by his team.

This dinner and Bible study became a place where non-Christian students could meet Christian students for the first time and for many students to read the Bible for the first time.

Aaron also taught an English class at his local church. At the end of every class he would read and explain a Bible passage related to the topic of the lesson. Aaron also could share about the Bible and about Jesus through inviting students to his home and inviting them to cafés.

Aaron believes that the university student ministry harvest field is very important when reaching Japanese people because this is when they have time.  Up until then they are busy in school preparing for high school and university entrance exams and then afterwards they enter the world of work. During those seasons, they are very busy but in university, they have more time. More time to think about their values and what they will believe. It is a time when many students leave home and start to think for themselves.

From before getting married, we have been praying and wishing to return to Sendai. Although Sendai is on our hearts, for Mayuko to attend Bible school, we are planning to be in Sapporo for the first two years. While Mayuko is studying at Bible school, Aaron will be involved in sports ministry and reaching university students through the church we will be a part of.

As a couple, we have a heart for hospitality ministry. As a way to provide space for non-Christian students and Christian students to find encouragement, we would like to invite students to come into our home to share meals and spend evenings together. We would like to share the Bible with students as we share our lives.

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